My girls – I

Call me feminist if you have to. I am in some ways.

I was going through my archives today and I realised how much of it is filled with portraits of the fairer sex. There’s my mom, granny, random females on the road and of course friends from college. This series is for the girls in my life who make it spicy, the ones who keep it stable and the ones without whom I wouldn’t be writing this.

The first one’s for Nimmo bhai (bro in Hndi); don’t ask me why I call her that!

About her:
Whacky. Pretty. Bro. Totally cool. Workaholic.





My Jaisalmer Photowalk

Jaisalmer puppets

Jaisalmer puppets

Any visit to Jaisalmer is not complete without allowing yourself to get lost in the cobbled streets of the main fort or the narrow pre-independence ‘gallis’ in the main bazaar. Taking a left turn from the gate entrance gives you the first sight of the bazaar and the ‘Governemnt authorized‘ Bhang (processed Marijuana diluted and served with milk or juice) shop.

The dingy German Bakery opposite to it is not a very good option for a stop. A right turn from there takes us in to the heart of the local business community. The shops can range from barbers to spices to traditional shoes. The thing which really fascinates the outsider are the elaborate wall paintings and colours. The people of the Golden city are famous for painting walls for weddings, holidays or just good crops. The horde of advertisements just blend in to the religious symbols all over the city walls.

Wall writing Jaisalmer

All in all, not a very good planned city; but it’s this chaos which gives the beautiful rhythm to the place. For some moments there you tend to forget that outside these walls there’s the endless desert waiting for you.

My creative block

On top of Institute building

On top of Institute building

Once again, I break past the everlasting circle of exams to reach the now very familiar dead end.

The lecture includes stage photography techniques and some Photoshop CS2 tutorials which were taken up on-screen by me yesterday in the Lecture Theater Complex 5106.

All rights reserved to Photography Club, BITS-Pilani.

Human Rights in Tibet

There I was, standing in the main square of Upper Mcleodgunj and saw this cute little bookshop with big posters ridiculing the August Olympics this year. The collection wasn’t that vast or up to my taste, but they were giving off free books (not pamphlets, mind you). I gave a donation of 50 bucks and was honored by three of such books. This post contains excerpts from one of them called Death penalties in China – Abuse of Human Rights‘ which tries to prove the blatant but still hidden truth from facts. It tells you about the number of prisoners in Tibet, the forceful ‘democratic reforms‘ and custodial deaths. If the books has its facts right, there are more than 20,000 death penalties in the Chinese mainland every year!

These facts speak volumes about the ‘democratic reform’ China claims to have brought to the ‘dark, feudal, exploitative’ society of Tibet. Independent Tibet was certainly not an embodiment of a perfect human society, but it was by no means nearly as tyrannical as it is today.

Panchen Lama says: “The soldiers told the family members told the family members of the deceased that they should celebrate since the rebels have been wiped out. They were even forced to dance on the dead bodies and then massacred with machine guns’

On 9th March 1959, 10,000 to 15,000 Tibetans were killed within three days. The methods of torture include mutilation, set to dogs, electric shocks, gang-rapes etc. The Chinese government is also employing various coercive birth-control measures to stem the growth of the Tibetan population. A large number of Hans have migrated to Tibet, turning the ethnic Tibetans into a minority.Tibetan couples are allowed to have only two children. Extra children are denied ration cards. There have been 22,000 birth control operations. As a result of all this, Tibetans find themselves marginalized in economic, political, educational and social spheres.

I can go on, and write about the massacres, extortions by land lords, religious suffocations and state of Lhasa’s economy, but it wouldn’t serve any purpose. I just hope that the fighting in Tibet stops, we get an awesome Olympics and everything is solved peacefully. I know, it’s too much to hope for, but thats the only thing I can do for now. May the Tibet refugees in India find peace with their inner selves.

Introductory lecture

Includes basic photography techniques, pointers, tutorials and terminologies at a beginner’s level. Was delivered as part of a series by Photography Club, BITS-Pilani.

All rights reserved to Photography Club, BITS-Pilani.

Norbulingka Institute

A few kilometers away from the abode of the Dalai Lama in Mcleodgunj lies the Norbulingka Institute, which provides necessary resources to preserve and develop the Tibetan arts and tradition.s It’s named after tand is a replica of the summer palace of the Dalai Lamas in Lhasa, Tibet.

Doll Museum, Norbulingka

Doll Museum, Norbulingka

I personally had always imagined Tibetans to be these small quirky little people who are used to living life on the rougher side. But, you enter Norbulingka and you feel sorry that you know so little about them. This specially holds true in the current scenario of the China vs. Tibet clashes at various places. While Beijing is blasting the foreign news media as biased, castigating the Dalai Lama as a terrorist “jackal” and callnig for a “people’s war” to fight separatism in Tibet, what does the Dalai Lama say about this? Of course
‘Stop fighting, live peacefully together. ‘

I respect his beliefs; the world needs more people like him. But what if your complete culture is in danger of being wiped out? What if you have to sacrifice your culture and your religious beliefs for the sake of communism? Well, I dunno about the sentiments of the Tibetan people right now (and I’m not the one for violence), but I would never allow such a thing happen to me in this modern world. I Will not take it hands down at least. Whatever the reasons may be of the uproar and the hatred, I just hope for an excellent Olympics this August at Beijing.

Here’s to Tibet, ‘The roof of the world’ and also to China, one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

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